A loan over the phone is a quick way to get extra cash. Nowadays, most often we decide on a loan or cash loan concluded via the Internet. However, this is not the best solution for everyone. What can we count on when choosing a phone loan? What are the procedures and formalities that we need to complete?


Need money now? Call Us for a payday loan by phone

Nowadays, we often forget that not all people have access to the Internet. Not everyone can move about it well enough to be able to complete a loan application on their own. A classic phone loan comes with a solution.

Loans over the phone are basically concluded loans without leaving your home. They are great not only for people who cannot complete the online form but also for all those who value direct contact with a consultant without having to visit the nearest branch.


A loan over the phone – step by step. Procedures

A loan over the phone - step by step. Procedures

The process of granting a loan for a phone can be illustrated by an example of several steps. First of all, if we decided to take a loan, we need to provide our personal data to the consultant. You will also need to provide your real address of residence and mailing address (if the actual place of residence is different than what appears on your ID card). For contact purposes, please provide your telephone number.

On the market there are both non-bank loans offer loans without BIK on the phone, that is, without checking any of our debt-based Credit Information Bureau), as well as loans by phone with verification. Regardless of the type of loan, usually in each case, the consultant will ask us to provide the status and dimension of employment. Unlike banks, loan companies have much lower requirements for loan availability. In some cases of procedures for applying for a loan by phone, the lender will not carefully check information on our income, which is an undoubted advantage of this solution. To get a loan over the phone, it is important to verify the above factors – the phone number from which you are calling will not matter to get the loan.


Conclusion of a loan by phone

The conclusion of each loan must be secured by an appropriate agreement. For this reason, loan companies offer customers who have a loan over the phone a very convenient solution – the opportunity to sign a contract at home. The contract is usually delivered by courier within 48 hours and sometimes even 24 hours.

As always, remember to first keep the maximum attention during the conversation with the consultant, and then carefully read the entire contract at the courier. The courier formally has no right to hurry us, so let’s take the time and make a thoughtful decision!