BankFit is aimed specifically at business customers and offers them the opportunity to quickly and easily request a reputable short-term credit up to a maximum of € 10,000 online.

On the website of the online provider for short-term loans, BankFit, you will find a convenient payday loan calculator. This will allow you to easily calculate the cost of a loan. The BankFit Credit Calculator allows you to reliably determine, with just a few inputs, the amount of short-term loan costs and fees that commercial customers can use to fund goods and services or bridge short-term financial bottlenecks.

How the BankFit payday loan calculator works

How the BankFit Loan Calculator works

Potential borrowers from the business sector such as self-employed, small business owners and freelancers, but also small business owners can specify the amount of the desired short-term credit and the target term within the specified time limits of 7 to 30 days on the payday loan calculator and calculate the terms of a loan allow. Immediately after entering the relevant data, these are displayed clearly. The amount shown is the actual total, as there are no costs or hidden costs for BankFit.

payday loan calculator: Use the online tool to calculate the price of a loan

Loan Calculator: Use the online tool to calculate the price of a loan

Simply quick and transparent – with BankFit’s payday loan calculator you can see exactly what amount you have to repay at a given loan amount at a glance. With the BankFit payday loan calculator you have a practical and reliable tool to calculate the detailed costs and fees for a loan. In doing so, the online loan specialist for the self-employed employs the payday loan principle to lay the foundations for determining one of the most important criteria for assessing credit – the effective price of borrowed money.

BankFit: Transparent communication creates trust

BankFit: Transparent communication creates trust

When granting loans, banks and credit institutions are obliged to point out the individual cost components of their loan offers and to clearly communicate costs and fees. Unfortunately, this does not always happen with the necessary transparency. Often hide various clauses and criteria in the fine print, which are difficult to identify by the prospective customer or borrower.

In contrast, BankFit offers highly transparent communication with its payday loan calculator. Optional additional services such as the express option or the 2-installment option are clearly marked as such.

Stay financially flexible with the BankFit short-term loan

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With small loans of up to € 10,000 short-term, up to a maximum of 60 days, through the 2-Rate Option, BankFit meets the needs and aspirations of many business customers for straightforward, serious and fair alternatives to bank credit to bridge short liquidity bottlenecks and provide financial flexibility preserve.

To get a BankFit short-term loan, no lengthy approval procedures are to go through. If the conditions are right, the desired loan amount will be available within three to four days.

So when it comes to short term money, to make urgent payments or to be able to bridge financial bottlenecks until the next payment, BankFit is the right contact person and the BankFit payday loan calculator is the ideal tool to inform yourself without obligation on the terms and conditions Click to calculate the actual costs and fees for a loan.

Take the opportunity and test our payday loan calculator. If you have questions or need more information, just give us a call!