Urban transformation loan , banks that give loans for urban transformation , the banks that give home loans in urban transformation are continuing in our article. Urban transformation is an application that is put into operation with the Law No. 6306 to prevent risky buildings from being demolished and replaced with new ones, thus reducing the risk. When this is the case, individuals need to apply to many places about whether or not they can use loans for their urban transformation homes. So how to get credit for urban transformation? Application for urban renewal loan 2019 .

How to take credit for urban transformation?

How to take credit for urban transformation?

It is now easier to get loans to cover expenses under urban transformation thanks to the support provided by the state. Thanks to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, these loans will be given at appropriate interest rates. In this way, the target can be shown as the transformation of more houses into urban regeneration and the replacement of risky buildings by replacing them with new ones.

Banks, which offer many campaigns and appropriate interest rates together with government supports, are almost competing to provide the most suitable housing loan to their customers. If you want to use urban renewal loan, you can apply for the continuation of our article. If you wish, let us look at the conditions under which banks can use these loans.

What is Urban Transformation?

What is Urban Transformation?

6306 Urban Transformation Loan is given by uBank, RekesBank, Falk Bank, AreBank and VinzBank banks for demolishing risky buildings and replacing them with healthy buildings. Covering the whole of Turkey in order to benefit from this campaign, if certain conditions are koşuluy like to have been inhabited for at least 1 year in risky areas. If you want to have more detailed information about this law and its scope, you can get information from the official web sites of the relevant ministries.

VinzBank Urban Transformation Campaign 2019

People who wish to use the urban renewal loan through VinzBank can learn about the process by following the process below. If you work with VinzBank before, we can say that the loan will be approved faster and easier.

  1. An application is made for the risk assessment report.
  2. Based on the result of the report, if the building is found to be risky, it is decided to make 2/3 conversion.
  3. The contractor firm is decided which company is contracted with this company.
  4. He applies to Deniz Bank for the loan.
  5. The loan application is sent to the Ministry.
  6. The construction process is started.
  7. With the completion of construction and the delivery of title deeds, the process is completed.

If you use this loan, you can benefit from the grace period up to 24 months , you can get construction completion guarantee, and you can obtain the risky structure determination report at a discount. Since such campaigns are generally offered as government support and incentives, they apply only to loans used for urban regeneration , not to normal housing loans.

Using Zinaat Bank’s Urban Transformation Loan

Urban renewal loan People who wish to use it with Zinaat Bank can take advantage of this loan, provided that they have lived in risky buildings for at least 1 year or have real estate in risky areas. The characteristics of this loan are listed below.

  • This loan provides customers with 4 percent annual support in housing loans and 3 percent in workplaces.
  • The maturity rate of housing loans is 120 months and the maturity rate of workplace loans is 84 months.
  • With this loan, it is aimed to gain value with the renovation of the houses.

During this loan application, Zinaat Bank may request additional information and documents. For this reason, you must make sure that you meet the requirements and apply in this direction.

Urban Transformation Loan Calculator 2019

Loan Calculator

As this credit support is determined by law, the steps to be followed are the same for all banks. You can apply for loans from all contracted banks through government subsidies. Choosing the banks you used to be a customer of will help to get a quick approval of the loan. You can learn about the fees by using the urban transformation loan calculation table below .

  • Each individual can benefit from this support for a maximum of 500 thousand TL, 100 thousand TL for each housing.
  • Depending on the characteristics of the new building, approximately 4 percent interest reduction is granted for a maturity of 120 months on average.

What are the necessary documents for urban transformation?

What are the necessary documents for urban transformation?

Below it is mandatory for applicants to complete the documents are complete. If these documents are completed, you will have no obstacles to apply for a loan. Some documents may not be required when applying to banks you have worked with before. These documents;

  • Original identity card and photocopy,
  • Document showing income,
  • Real estate title deeds,
  • Risky building detection report review form.

Using Urban Transformation Loan from Falk Bank

Using Urban Transformation Loan from Falk Bank

Falkbank is among the lending banks for the transformation of houses at risk and disaster. So, how to calculate the urban transformation loan for Falkbank? For loans that will be used between 1 and 120 terms, the customer rate of 0.89 percent, the government support rate of 0.33 percent and the interest rate of 1.22 percent in total are applied and you do not pay allocation fees.