The news that home loan tightening is expected to be tightened up constantly. On the road, they say they need to borrow now because it will be much harder later. Let’s find out what’s true and what’s not.

Why is it worth it now?

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We are really in the perfect time for home loans, as we can say that almost everything collapses.

First of all, here is our Qualified Consumer Friendly Home Loan . This is a special type of contract that sets a long-term interest rate on the loan. In addition, administration is accelerated and we can provide you free of charge ; and repay the debtor if he makes money from the money he has saved in a home savings. And there are a few more benefits.

Secondly, as we have written several times, interest rates on loans are indeed extremely low. As the Cenro Bank’s base rate set by the MNB is only 0.9%, interest rates on housing loans are also extremely low.

State aid is also very diverse. We can also include the consumer-friendly loan shown above, but we also have the National Home Creation Community , Home Savings Funds , and the Family Home Creation Discount.

So we can say that it is really worth borrowing now. But what will change?

Fallen autumn news?

Fallen autumn news?Why is it worth it now?

The Horry Bank would tighten borrowing. The aim is to favor and choose safer, fixed-rate but more expensive loans. The purpose is not to pay more, but to pay off the loan after a base rate increase . Financial chaos, like the ThinkWise, wants to avoid financial supervision, which we are right in saying.

Also, who’s going to benefit now, how long will it last? We are not saying that there will be no Family Home Discount or smaller state subsidies for apartment savings, but no one can guarantee that there will be no change.

All in all we can say that you do not have to rush, but the fact is that our chances are now better than it will be in a few years. To make a truly informed decision, contact us! We will assist you until you have the key to your new property.